The Working Group Draft:

How to Submit Your Feedback

Last week current Emerson students were sent a draft from the Presidential Working Group charged to review Emerson’s Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Policy. We have been skeptical about it since its formation in 2019, and you can read why in our President’s public resignation from the Working Group last winter. 

We made a list of demands to send into the feedback section for this draft. Please feel free to add your own feedback, edit to suit your own feelings/thoughts, and share your experiences with them. Read their draft and read our recommendations critically and then tell them what you think. Feel free to use our recommendations as a starting point! For more context, you can read this wonderful article by Stephanie Purifoy here!

Step 1:

Click here to access the form to submit recommendations 

Step 2:

Fill out your recommendations for each section - or copy and paste the ones we wrote below!
(Note: You can submit anonymously!)

Our Feedback

Feedback to Recommendation #1:
Strengthen Cross-Departmental Communication and Collaboration
  • Rather than the creation of the standing committee, I would like a review of Emerson’s Title IX/sexual misconduct policy to be done by professionals in this field, trained in trauma-informed and evidence-based practices. I am skeptical that this is an issue that would be best addressed by the creation of another internal committee.

  • I want clarification that you are not recommending expanding the definition of “need to know basis” across the college. I would like commitment to keeping the definition of “need to know” as narrow as it needs to be to protect the confidentiality of survivors.

Feedback to Recommendation #2:
Expand and Coordinate Education and Prevention Programming
  • I agree with the expansion of education about Title IX/sexual misconduct. I would like this to include evidence-based practices that have been shown to actually prevent sexual violence, rather than just education in what Title IX is. I want this to be given the appropriate time and resources, taught by professionals who specialize in this field.

  • I would like more specificity in how this education would operate in the future (such as, who would be teaching this programming, when this would occur in student’s education, etc.)

Feedback to Recommendation #3:
Simplify Title IX Policy and Communication of Resources
  • I agree with creating simplified language and communication of resources around Emerson’s Title IX process. I agree with making the system more accessible especially to students in crisis.

Feedback to Recommendation #4:
Develop Informal Resolutions for Students Who Opt Not to Pursue a Formal Investigation
  • I do not want Residence Assistants to mediate sexual misconduct. I do not want anyone involved in mediating a Title IX case who does not have adequate training. 


  • I am in serious doubt that anyone in Residence Life or Community Standards has the proper training to deal with power-based interpersonal violence, on any level, informal or otherwise.

Feedback to Recommendation #5:
Realign the Title IX Office Posture
  • I do not want the Title IX office to be moved from the Social Justice Center. I am explicitly telling you that I do not believe, nor do my peers believe, that the alignment of the Title IX Office implies bias.

Feedback to Recommendation #6:
Process Update Standards
  • I agree with giving those involved in an open Title IX case regular updates on their case.

Feedback on Any Other Issues Related to:
Process, Findings, or Draft Recommendations
  • I want a clearly expressed recommendation that it should be college policy, and it should be enforced, that students found responsible for sexual assault in Title IX cases (aka “respondents”) cannot walk at graduation or hold leadership positions on campus.

  • I do not want an expansion of resources for Title IX respondents.

  • I would like Emerson to make public the proposed changes to the college’s sexual misconduct policy made in 2018.

  • I do not want any changes to Emerson’s sexual misconduct policy without citing evidence showing why these changes would be beneficial to the Emerson community.

  • I understand that changing policy/procedures is a long and difficult process but I am actively engaged and will continue to be. I want to make sure that any changes made are positive and support survivors. I am looking forward to seeing how you take my suggestions into consideration.

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