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Picturing Yourself at Emerson?


First off, congrats on getting into Emerson! College is really exciting. However, there are a lot of things you should know about college and how life is on campus. S3 has partnered with the Emerson College Student Union (ECSU) to provide all the information we can about campus-wide issues that affect us and will affect you if you choose to go here.

Listed below is some information that we recommend students look at before attending Emerson:

Why The Presidential Working Group Doesn't Work

Emerson 360: Community Climate Survey

"Emerson360: Community Climate Survey seeks to gather information from faculty, staff, and students to develop steps to ensure a more inclusive and supportive environment. Climate surveys are recognized as an effective way of assessing the living, learning, and work environments of an organization in order to provide insight into the extent to which conditions associated with healthy and supportive environments exist." - Emerson's Social Justice Center

Take a look at the data that shows how current students feel about life on campus.

After calls for action to be taken regarding sexual assault on campus, Emerson's President Lee Pelton assembled a working group to focus on issues surrounding sexual misconduct. After spending a semester as a member of the group, it became clear to our president Leah Cedeño, that the working group served no purpose other than to stall.

Read Leah's full statement which outlines our problems with not only the working group but with the way admin have handled calls for action from the get go.

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We are constantly updating our website and social media with information. Please join our newsletter and follow our social media to stay up to date with our efforts to prevent sexual violence on campus. We can also always be reached at

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