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Important New EVVY Awards Policy For Vetting Nominations!

We are proud to announce that S3 and the EVVYs will be collaborating for this year's EVVYs awards!

The EVVYs has agreed to instate a new policy this year that will prohibit anyone found responsible in a Title IX case from participating in the EVVY awards ceremony. In a statement from the EVVYs team:

"All EVVYs potential nominees will be subject to a check through the registrar and Title IX office to ensure all nominees are in good standing with the college. This will be a confidential process and no students will be made aware of the social and academic standing of potential nominees.”

Title IX is a federal statute the prohibits discrimination based on sex, including sexual harassment and sexual violence in educational institutions receiving federal funding (which is most colleges, including Emerson.) So this means that as of this year any potential EVVY award nominees will have to be vetted by the Title IX office. If they have been found by the college to have discriminated, harassed or sexually assaulted another person in a Title IX case, they will not be eligible to participate in this years EVVYs awards, as performers or nominees. You can read more about Title IX and your rights here!

We think this is an important step towards ensuring a campus that holds students accountable for their actions and that is more thoughtful about what kind of work we choose to uplift.

The EVVYs team went on to say:

“The EVVY awards celebrates work that contributes to Emerson's inclusive, creative and safe environment. Any person found to have a violation faces dismissal from their nomination to the EVVY Awards to ensure that their work is not celebrated.”

We are excited to collaborate with the EVVYs and provide ideas and feedback surrounding new steps being taken to be more mindful of who is being given a platform at the EVVY Awards. We also appreciate that the EVVYs producers took action before meeting with us to negotiate this new policy with the administration and work out the logistics of making this happen. We hope that more student organizations follow in their footsteps of holding themselves accountable for the power they hold on campus and asking the administration to work for them.

We hope that this is the beginning of a larger conversation about what accountability looks like and we hope to hear more ideas from students about how we can create a safer, more inclusive campus environment!


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